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Gallery Treasures

Gallery Treasures is a series of limited-edition digital art collectibles, curated by Quidd and featuring famous works by historical masters. The latest drop feratures the Monet Collection, in which eight of his masterpieces will be brought to digital life as interactive 3D objects. The collection is curated and released by Quidd, one of the original digital collectibles companies first established in 2015. This series is designed to bring art to the masses in an inexpensive, accessible, and highly collectible way, Quidd's Gallery program has been running for 3 years and has a sizable following of mainstream digital art collectors. Each month, the Quidd Gallery program will release a new NFT collection in the Gallery Treasures series on select chains and store fronts.

  • Woman with Parasol

  • Author Quidd

  • Seller Quidd

  • 1000 ONE/$13.93 1/1